Mom and dad can live safely in their own home

Today’s seniors are taking the steps they need to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle late into their golden years. Today, it’s easier than ever to remain in one’s home thanks to modern home automation and communications systems (try one of our systems free of charge). GoodRobot InHome has a simple visual interface that makes it easy to stay connected with mom and dad from anywhere in the world:

  • Rest assured: Install sensors on entryways, chairs, medicine cabinets, cupboards, etc. so that you can be notified automatically of any unusual activity or
    patterns of concern
  • Safety: Detect events like an appliance left on or a door left open. Or prevent falls by automatically lighting a path to the bathroom at night.
  • Interaction: Lights can flash automatically when the
    phone rings or if there’s someone at the door
  • Access: In addition to mechanical supports and safeguards, lifts or other automated devices can make day to day living easier
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