About Goodrobot.com


I’m often asked “what is Goodrobot?” or “what do you do?” The short answer is that we are focused on using technology to extend human capability.


Specifically, we support seniors who wish to live independently in their homes. As our homes become “smarter”, they will not only better adapt and accommodate us as we traverse through the conditions of aging, but intelligent home systems will help us stay in touch with family and caregivers too – whether they live just down the block, or on the opposite side of the globe.


To support that vision, Good Robot has developed a low cost system that can be used to automate a home or keep family and caregivers in touch. Our system sets a new cost/performance benchmark in home automation and monitoring that makes it accessible to virtually anyone – whether you’re a senior who wishes to improve home safety through automated lighting at night, or a concerned son or daughter who would like to get an alert if the fridge door or medicine cabinet didn’t get opened at the usual time.

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