Who is GoodRobot.com?


At SXSWi in Austin, I was asked “what is GoodRobot.com?” and “what do you do?”  The short answer is we make things that move. If you want anything that can move, think, sense, or interact, I will custom build it for you. Contact me at alan@goodrobot.com

Examples of things that GoodRobot has built so far include:

TelerobotRobotic ShelfTripod DollyRobotDude

Sonar deviceLMA_BoxClock

Most custom work starts at $1000 to $5000 and upwards. But some of the smaller products and novelty items are less expensive: I’m making limited runs of the robot that turns itself off for $150, and a basic camera dolly costs  $300 – $400 depending on the features you want.

I’m also taking bookings for speaking engagements (topics include: robotics, the DIY movement, brain/machine interfaces, interactive objects/spaces, and collective intelligence)

Please contact me for any quote, product request, bookings, queries or questions:

email:  alan@goodrobot.com

twitter: @goodrobot

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  1. I am highly agisnat using guns in robots. However, this is a shell around a human. The robot is to give the human extra strength, hence the reason they are using a kid for the demo. I am ok with it only because it still requires a human to make the judgment call. It does scare me in the direction we are heading.


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