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Stay in touch remotely

Senior lady and her granddaughter

Do you worry how your loved one is doing when you’re not there? Caregiver Connect keeps you in touch when you’re away: get alerted of potential problems, or check in on daily routines. Did they open the medicine cabinet? When did they wake upHave they had something to eat yet? …now the answers are at your fingertips. Let Caregiver Connect help you stay in touch.

Improve home safety


When it comes to improving home safety and preventing falls, better lighting is a great place to start. Good Robot Safelight makes it safer and more convenient to get around the house at night. Use a simple bedside remote to automatically light your path to the bathroom. Or light up a hallway or stairwell with a push of a button.

Manage a condition

A caring doctor

Establishing healthy patterns is one of the best ways to manage and prevent chronic conditions. Good Robot’s Stove Reminder provide simple sound and light reminders to help your cook with confident. It is made simple  to help anyone who is looking to manage cooking safety.


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